Archie Coulter


Archie Coulter Conservation Area is 133 acres of land in Elgin County near Aylmer, Ontario. Catfish Creek runs through the property and there are two main trails on the land.


  • East Trail Loop – 2.3 km
  • West Trail Loop – 1.9 km

Total = 4.2 km


  • Easy
  • Not wheelchair accessible


There is a free parking lot on Brouwer’s Line. Please see this trail map for trail and parking information. Please bring $2 to put in the trail box to support Catfish Creek Conservation Authority‘s ongoing efforts to preserve our land.


The East Trail Loop has a steeper hill to climb and is often more overgrown, especially near the creek. The West Trail Loop takes you across a pedestrian bridge over the river and through a beautiful pine forest section. I love the smell here! The trail is windy, but simple to follow and easy to hike. The scenery is pretty on the West Trail Loop (see Gallery).

Trail condition

Good except slightly overgrown near the creek on the East Trail Loop.

Recommended Gear

  • Running/Hiking Shoes
  • Dog Leash (tickets have been given here due to dogs chasing deer)


Archie Coulter

Archie Coulter

Archie Coulter


  • In the summer, Port Bruce is one of my favourite beaches. It is a small beach and the atmosphere is simultaneously laid back and family oriented.

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